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Be part of TangoWiki.

TangoWiki lives of your contribution. You can create edit and improve articles, comment and discuss, upload files and add images to articles... bring in your ideas, get involved. Every contribution is welcome.


Contribute to your preferred topics. If some content is missing, ask for it or create it yourself. Be brave and bold. Any change can be improved or undone. This is the power of a wiki.


The user manual in the help section is introducing the work in the wiki. You shall find help to all sections there.

What you can do already:

  Edit any page

You can edit any content page by hitting the tab "Edit". Editeditwithform.png

On pages filled by a form, you can also edit the content by clicking "Edit with form".

Correct typos, improve the language style, add missing information. Try it out, it's fun!
  1. Consult the help article: Add categories to article on what is important in categorizing.
  2. See the list of all categories for an overview. Some categories are added automatically through templates.
  3. Start with categorizing pages in the list of uncategorized pages.
Learn more
  For newbies

Wiki writers de.jpg

You might have a look into the list of wanted pages to see, what pages are missing.

  For festival organizers

Wiki festival.jpg

If you want to add a new festival, use the festival form. Check for existing festivals first. Also view all festivals in 2015 and the World map of festivals.

How to create a festival in 2015:

  1. Create a festival main page with the festival form. Add general data, location, organizers.
  2. Create a (yearly) festival event page on the festival main page with the little form field there. Add dates, maestros, TJs and program.

Help with the festival form:

  For milonga organizers
  • Venue form for creating a new article about a venue for milongas, festivals, marathons etc
  • All venues
  For TJs

Wiki tj.jpg

  Get deeper into it!

Wiki writers de.jpg

Read and expand Short pages

Create Wanted pages
List of all pages, that have been linked to, but still need to get created.

Add News for the main page

Add ideas to the Pool of ideas

  Maintain TangoWiki

Important maintenance reports of Special pages:

Check pages in maintenance categories:

Special pages for admins:

You find all special pages on the toolbar on the left under Special Pages.