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TangoWiki is a free Wiki with the goal of gathering on a common platform all relevant information about Tango Argentino/Rioplatense: tango musicians and their orchestras, tango songs and lyrics, festivals, milongas, TJs, maestros, discographies, history, locations…. TangoWiki is freely available to everybody for reading, and registered users can also edit it. TangoWiki is set up in English, but can be translated into virtually any language – your language! TangoWiki looks forward to your contribution! Get started with reading your first random page.

What TangoWiki is

TangoWiki is a free, independent, multi-lingual community project with the goal to collect all Tango Argentino relevant information. TangoWiki is readable by everyone and can be edited by registered users.

A wiki is a perfect place for this: Following Wikipedia's mission, it lives of contribution and participation. In the TangoWiki you can add your festival, that would get deleted on Wikipedia. Here you find the detailled Tango music information, that you're missing there. You can easily participate and find a friendly, open community.

This means:

TangoWiki is freely accessible via Internet, free to participate. Any private person can join, edit, help, contribute.
independent community project
TangoWiki is independent from official/private institutions and a collection of contents provided and edited by the community.
TangoWiki is constructed for delivering multilingual information.
with the goal
TangoWiki is constructed to expand.
Tango is: Tango Argentino/Tango rioplatense, the dance, the music, the life philosophy.
relevant information
information that could be relevant for Tango enthusiasts worldwide.
to collect
TangoWiki is combining a collection of contents that already exist in the World Wide Web (i.e. links to these contents, no copies!) and contents created especially for the Wiki. TangoWiki sees itself as a first starting point, a ramp, a first possibility of information. In this, it is important to stay as objective and informative as possible.

What TangoWiki is NOT

TangoWiki is NO copy of Wikipedia.
Some content can already be found on Wikipedia. The aim is not to copy those contents, translate or modify them. Instead, consistent linking to relevant contents within new content shall be the way. The credo is: What is already there, doesn't have to be written again.
TangoWiki is NO space for advertisement.
TangoWiki is no platform for advertisement and announcements.


TangoWiki works with the Software MediaWiki. Read the disambiguation Wikipedia/Wikimedia/Wiki/MediaWiki.